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Bridge Products

Bridge Deck Panels

Precast Bridge Deck Panels are gaining popularity. Whether utilized for vehicles, pedestrians or trains, this method is a favorite of engineers as precast products accelerate the construction process and minimize downtime.  

Products include post-tensioned panels, as well as panels incorporating integral steel beams.

Precast Columns and Pier Caps

Precast Bridge Substructures may offer a considerably faster schedule:  

Match-Cast Pier Columns ensure a proper fit on the job site. Design can include post-tensioned sections to reduce the amount of continuous rebar.  

Pier Caps can be produced as shells which are filled with concrete on-site; therefore, reducing trucking weight and crane requirements as well as minimizing on-site forming time.


Brayman Precast manufactures Precast Cofferdams as a cost-effective alternative to steel and wood.

Precast Cofferdams can be reused on multiple projects saving additional time and money.

Pedestrian Bridges

Brayman Precast manufactures bridge slabs for Pedestrian Bridges.

Precast bridge slabs are produced to meet a wide variety of bridge sizes. Precast bridge slabs can be delivered and erected in just about any location.